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If you use the free KidsGroFo app, you will always buy the right size of clothes for your child in the future.

Based on the current height, head circumference and foot length, the app calculates the current and all future clothing sizes of your child.

In addition, you will be shown at what time of year which clothing size fits.

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Download the KidsGroFo app

From now on, give away children's clothes without having to ask the parents for the child's size.

Network with other users of the KidsGroFo app and share your children's measurement data. So you always know the current clothing sizes of the children of friends and relatives.

This also helps you trade used clothes with other parents.

Größenskala für die Anzeige Kleidergrößen in der KidsGroFo App ändern

Buy or order children's clothes in the right size from abroad

The KidsGroFo app contains the clothing size scales of various countries.

So you will also be shown what size of clothes from another country will fit your child.

Exchange or return fewer children's clothes

With the KidsGroFo app you can record new measurement data of your child in just a few steps.

As soon as you remeasure your child, the app automatically adjusts the calculation of clothing sizes to the new values.

Datensicherheit in der KidsGroFo App

Your data is safe with KidsGroFo

Your child's measurement data is only stored anonymously on the KidsGroFo servers and personal information (e.g. photos) is only stored on your smartphone.

This also applies to the children's data from other users of the app.

We at KidsGroFo or anyone else will NOT have access to this personal information!

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